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t's a pleasure to meet you!

I'm Darlene Jenkins — a business training consultant who specializes in improving team performance and developing leader ready employees. 

My core philosophy of training is this:

"People are Not your greatest asset. 'Growing' people are your greatest asset."

I don't just teach content, I have lived it. You could say that I was the 'jump and learn to fly on the way down' kind of a gal. I certainly made a lot of mistakes, experienced failures and disappointments and I can say I know a lot more now than I use to...and that is why I can say, there is a more intentional way to grow your wings and soar as a ready leader team.

Before running my own consulting business, you would most likely look for me in a training classroom or training someone on the job.  Now a days, I can also be found stretching into new opportunities - online training, podcasts, and enjoying a social media community. Still, if you don't find me there, you may spot me with my husband on the golf course, skiing or enjoying time with our family - all while coaching students, serving clients, and recording my show - the Just Be TC Podcast — a show dedicated to building Great Teams.

While I am enjoying my new online presence, most of my writing is done privately to my email list. The vast majority of my readers feel it is my best content. You can sign up for my email list at and you'll even get a nice gift - a free copy of Relating to Strengths at a Glance.




  • Lean into strengths to achieve higher levels of achievement

  • Educate & Equip to  prepare team in advance to impact

  •  Coach to increase capacity


  • Expand Productivity & Team Performance

  • Strong Employee Bench and leader ready team

  • Reduce turnover, improve morale


  • Taught paraplegic to downhill ski

  • Raced a stock truck

  • Built a waterski human pyramid 

  • Held 2011 Guiness Book record for worlds largest deliverable pizza.



We interrupt this program to bring you...

Have you ever had one of those interruptions that set your life on a new trajectory? I've had a few significant ones in my life, and this specific interruption is the one that has lead me to today.

While working for a financil institution I was sent out to a youth entrepreneur camp to approve loans for their business plans. One group of 5 young entrepreneurs pitched their idea. Each person described their role and it seemed to suit them perfectly. I inquired about how they decided on the individual roles in their business. They said they had received a strengths training course earlier in the program and made the decisions based on each persons strength. For me, it was like a light went off. That was it. This was the solution to the 'gap' in communication, team and capacity that I have so often seen and experienced - and it was a simple enough idea that anyone could leverage from it to grow.  I couldn't wait to get back to the office. I told my mananger "I know what I want to do when I grow up".  We laughed, but with all my experience with people and teams I knew this was a tranformational idea for growing individual capacity and building great teams -  just by leaning into an individual’s strengths - employee engagement, career success and job satisfaction can be increased. So I began the journey from there to here. 

behindthe scenes

What you don't know is that everything up to this point in my life has prepared me for this; for improving team performance and developing leader ready employees, because I have lived it.

My career has been spent in various forms of people development, organizational leadership and entrepreneurship. The best experiences are journeys and this journey has included: gaining a College Diploma in Rehabilitation services, owning and operated 4 restaurants for 14 years while at the same time started a Church and remained part of the organization leadership for 27 years. Raising 3 great young men, coaching basketball...and did I mention experiencing many defeats, failures, achievements and victories along the way? 


For many years I lived by instinct; blindly finding my way and figuring things out. After all, I'm a go-getter, so this is what you do. Then I learned a more intentional way to live; to plan for success and accomplish my goals. That's when I really started to gain growth and traction. Looking back I see this journey has allowed me the privilege of learning from and learning to influence the people above, beside and below me - the very things necessary for building a strong team bench with leader ready employees. 


So I speak from experience when I say that I translate growth principles into simple, easy-to-apply steps for exponential 'leader ready' individuals and team growth. 

let's talk


Dedicated to helping Great Companies Build Great Teams. I look forward to being part of your team solution. To connect with me, email or call me at 403.594.0172