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What Is True Colors?

True Colors Is a Personality Communication Tool that uses Color as a Metaphor to Understand and Value Yourself and Others, Build Rapport and CONNECT!

Each of us has our own way of operating and doing thing; so with all our differences, working together can sometimes be a challenge. Using the tried and true True Colors methodology, we help boost collaboration, create appreciation and reduce conflict so your organization can go to new heights.

Learning these principles will enhance your interactions and allow you to communicate more easily, effectively and eloquently with nearly everyone you encounter.

Why Use True Colors?

Personal Fulfillment and High Morale are key factors in any organization’s success. This easy-to-understand and versatile consulting methodology boosts both factors, helping organizations experience the following benefits:

  • Increases Leadership Influence

  • Increases Respect, Trust & Appreciation

  • Higher Employee Activity & Self esteem

  • Reduces Stress of Everyday Challenges

  • Reduced Turnover & Burnout

  • Increase Productivity - Builds Moral

Who Uses It?

For over 30 years, the value of the True Colors Model has helped people to work together in hundreds of corporations, including:

Accountants, Oil Companies, Military, Microsoft, ESPN, John Deere, Boeing, Kraft, Google, Cargill, Credit Unions, Blue Cross, Ford Motor Company, National Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Firms, McDonald's, Kawasaki Manufacturing

What is the Cost?

Group Rates available: based on number of people and Customized Workshop

Basic Training : $120/person (3 instructional hours) -  More than 10 people - 10% discount applies for each additional persons)

Stress & Personality Workshops: additional $60/person - 1.5 Hour Course (Basic training is prerequisite for this course)

Communication Skill Building Workshops: additional $80/person - 2 Hour Course (Basic training is prerequisite for this course)

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Please contact me, and together we'll create the most effective plan to move you forward.


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“People won’t go along with you unless they get along with you.” - John Maxwell

It is so easy to understand and use. Once you “Get it”, You're hooked"