True Colors® Corporate Programs

"Imagine finally understanding why people behave the way they do!"

As an employer or employee, you effect more lives everyday than you might realize.  Daily you are faced with challenges, people, different circumstances and decisions. People are always looking to you to get the job done; meet their needs or solve their problems. Working with people can be a highly motivating and rewarding experience. There can also be many opportunities for frustration and stress due to miscommunication and perceptions. How you handle the things that come at you depends on a lot of things and one of those being your personality. We all have a blend of characteristics that make up our unique personalities. These characteristics have an effect on how we communicate, react to each other and deal with stress. Since we all have our own style, preferences and ways of operating how do bring our best and bring out the best in others?

 The True Colors® methodology has helped millions of people find personal success and dramatically improve their interpersonal relationships in these areas and beyond. It has over a twenty year track record of success with hundreds of companies like Ford, Pfizer, Washington Mutual, ESPN, Kraft, Boeing, JC Penny, Cargill, Sabre, I.C. System, and thousands of schools, hospitals, and government agencies, who have used it to build teamwork, improve communication and enhance customer relations. - True Colors International

"Great leaders recognize that 'the people' are an organizations most appreciable asset." - John Maxwell