Customized Workshops


Personality Style Basic training

In Basic Training, participants will discover a bit about the History of where True Colors comes from and a whole lot about “why people behave the way they do”. With this interactive, inspiring and easy to remember method, participants will gaining insight into their own True Colors; the unique combination of traits that make up their personality, they will be able to identify and understand the True Colors of others and be empowered to bring relationships to a whole new level.



The Effective Communication dives deeper into the different personality styles and behavior patterns in a positive and productive way. The participants learn communication tools that will dramatically effect the way they interact with others, minimize miscommunication, build rapport, gain respect and build relationships.



Walking the road together through Stress, participants will investigate their own unique stresses and recognize the connection between stress and personality. They will discover how different personalities navigate through stress differently and realize they are not alone in what stresses them. Participants will discover the things that we naturally do that actually adds to our own stress and how we unknowingly increase the stress of others. They will evaluate alternatives and take action to immediately relieve stress.


Personality and sales

Wouldn’t it be great if one sales pitch worked for all your prospects every time?

Yet as you’ve probably already guessed, humans are not wired the same and our personality directly effect the way we approach sales.  Success in sales depends on a salesperson’s ability to adapt their skills and personality style to sell to the different personalities they are dealing with. In this workshop you will be equipped with tools to quickly identify the unique personality styles and discover how to meet them in their world to build rapport, trust and establish long term business relationships.


More Workshops to come