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About Darlene 

Darlene is a High-Performance Coach and Trainer specializing in Leadership, Communication and Culture.
With over 30 years of experience training individuals in leadership, Darlene works with the whole person to maximize strengths, build habits for high performance and contribute with greater enthusiasm.
Darlene leverages cutting-edge research in neuroscience, coaching, and psychology to drive the transformative processes of "Coaching" and "Communication Transformation," guiding individuals, teams, and leaders from high potential to high performance.
Her motivational focus on teamwork, resilience, mindset, leadership, and communication surpasses conventional boundaries, delivering invaluable insights into effective leadership and personal development.
Darlene's remarkable ability to captivate and empower individuals has established her as a valuable coach and trainer for those seeking to create meaningful and enduring impact.
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Transform your Potential into Possibilities


Our Research-Based High Performance Coaching program is for leaders, high achievers and everyday people who want to accelerate their life, goals and influence to reach their next level of fulfillment and potential. Get Results Starting Today!!


Raise the Ambition to have Great Relationships. Discover new tools, insights and strategies to improve communication, deal with conflict and navigate those tough 'performance' conversations. 


Get your team out of their everyday environment and simultaneously get them up and moving. This activity-based team builder allows your team to bond as they work together to achieve a common goal... bragging rights! 

Hear it from others...

I was introduced to Dar just over 2 years ago through a colleague. From the beginning I had a feeling we would be working together for some time. Just Be TC was part of a pivotal time in my business and has helped it and me to grow and clearly lay out a plan for the future. Since then my business has grown exponentially and I thank Just Be TC and Dar for being a large part of that. I would recommend their programs to any business looking to grow or expand whether you are an entrepreneur or a large business.
- Kristi
"Their energy, knowledge, and unique approach surpassed all of our expectations! We would highly recommend Just Be TC to any company looking to improve leadership skills, build a strong team and create a unique workplace culture!  
- Empower Energy
Engaging experience that encourages all participants to learn more about themselves and to show their teammates who they really are.
- AJ
Team training was enlightening and led us to understanding each other better. I recommend this training and Darlene in a heart beat. What it does for overall communication is priceless.

- Brenda

Finding a way to support true vulnerability and trust in a group of coworkers that may not know or work together is truly an incredible gift and rare skill. Dar brings her full self to the course and gives of herself to everyone.

- CTX Communication Course

Get a free Daily Planning Guide, “Just Be the Cause,” build better habits and start confidently showing up as your best self.