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Set the Ambition to have Great Relationships. 

  • "Gain common sense principles to guide your team to higher levels of performance ....TOGETHER."
  •  "Great listeners aren't just reflecting things back to somebody. Great listeners are also helping others share more.”
  • "Listening skills without the primary intention of learning is just a tactic.” 
  • "If your umbrella intention is to have ambition, great relationships and to learn from others - that frames every method, every tactic and every principle underneath."



For Great Results We Use:

  • Proven principles & practices
  • Thought-provoking questions and discussions
  • An action plan to take immediate action
  • Experiential learning activities


You’ll learn strategies...

Practical Ways to Improve Interpersonal Relationships


Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard of Performance


Reduce Frustration & Increase Connection, Joy and Satisfaction

Build Trust & Motivate People to Act

Positively Impact Difficult Conversations


Become a More Persuasive Communicator

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Meet the gal fired up to serve you

Darlene Jenkins

Founder and Owner of Just Be TC Leadership Coaching & Training

As a High Performance Coach and Trainer, Darlene will guide you through each session with passion, purpose and proven principles. She believes everyone is a causative being and with a little nudge, new habits and a whole lot of personal responsibility, she believes everyone can learn to live at a higher level to Just Be the Cause to be their best!

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I’ve gone from feeling stressed out, overlooked and overwhelmed to loving my job, discovering new opportunities and I love coming to work. This training has changed my life. I feel like Darlene is a trusted friend guiding me to a better version of myself.

Alex D.


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