Discover Your Working Genius

Why the Working Genius?

  • Maximize Joy & Fulfillment

  • Increase Productivity

  • Build Effective Teams

  • Lead Better Meetings

  • Improve Hiring

  • Boost Morale

Improve Communication and Team Meetings

Discover & Leverage Team Strengths


Lead Yourself & Others Better


The Working Genius Teamwork Model is helping people realize where they best contribute at work.

The Six Types of Working Genius model is rapidly transforming teams across the world.

Click Here to hear from Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group's newest teamwork model. Unlike other personality assessments, it specifically addresses the different phases of work. By understanding the makeup of your team, you will quickly be able to better leverage each other's Working Geniuses (Wonder, Invention, Discernment, Galvanizing, Enablement, and Tenacity), and understand where to turn to find support for areas that are missing.       

The 6 Types of Working Genius

Work doesn’t need to simply be a means to an end.  It's possible to increase the level of satisfaction and joy that you and your team experience at work!


  1. Custom link for WG Assessment provided via The Table Group
  2. All assessments completed by team members with immediate results from The Table Group (to be completed 1 week prior to Workshop)
  3. Leader Prep & Follow-up call with Team Leader (up to 45 min)
  4. 90-120 min WG Virtual or In-Person Workshop:
    • review WG model 
      • 3 phases of work
      • guilt & judgment 
    • review individual results
    • review team map 


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We would love to guide your team through this interactive workshop to help you leverage and apply all the facets of Working Genius.


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